I am doing Vlogmas!

       It is nearly December and you know what that means… It means it’s time for Vlogmas!

        If you have no idea what vlogmas is, it is where a person will vlog (video blog) every single day until Christmas. These videos can be Christmas themed or just a vlog about what you are up to for that day. This December is going to be crazy for me. Not only is my birthday in December, but I am also doing a lot of cool things during December.

       I will be working a lot as I work in retail but I am not going to let this stop me from vlogging every single day until Christmas. I am also excited to announce that I will be leaving my current job at the end of December, in which I am ecstatic about! I have not enjoyed working there for the last year and as I am going into psychology honours nextyear I have decided to leave and then travel through January and February.  

        So, if you are not subscribed already be sure to check out my channel… you can click here to check it out. As I have said I will be doing Vlogmas so as of tomorrow expect a video every day. You will be able to learn a bit more about me and my life.

        Thanks so much for reading! Today’s blog is just simple informative one just to get you guys excited for Vlogmas!!!… and Christmas I guess!

        Hope you all have a lovely day and I shall see you next Thursday with a new blog post!

Wilson Overboard.

also check out my new video out today!! the last video in the Thailand series.


University is Stressful!

University is so stressful! I have not been able to blog for a while, and this all comes down to uni being so stressful!

Uni started back 5 weeks ago, and I thought I would be able to balance uni and my blog at the same time. It turns out I really could not and I am sorry to anyone who keeps up with my blog.

This semester I have gone back to do psychology.  If you did not know, I have already finished my bachelor of psychology 2 years ago now. However, when I finished this course I did not receive high enough grades to get into 4th year (Honours) of psychology. I took a year off after I finished the bachelor course to figure out what I really wanted to do. This proved to be difficult as I have no clue what I really want to do.

At the start of this year I went back to school to start a course call bachelor of social work, with the thought of getting back into psychology. This course was going to be 4 years long and have two placement periods of 12 weeks with no pay. I finished the first trimester of this course and realised I really did not like it, and the fact that I was doing it just to get back into psychology did not make sense to me.

This is where this trimester/semester comes into it. I did some research and realised to get into a graduate diploma of psychology (4th year) at my uni all I needed was a score of 65 in one of my units, and a high average to be accepted. The unit that I needed 65 in I received a 60 in last time. after some thought I decided to go back to uni to re do this subject to get a score above 65. My aim is above 70 at least. I also decided to do another subject in which I got a score of 61. I decided I wanted to bump up my average so I have a better chance of getting accepted. So, my aim for this class is also above 70.

Now these classes I am re doing do not go under the hex debt that we Australians have. So, to complete these courses again I had to pay for them out right. This puts a lot more stress on my back. I MUST do well otherwise this money I have paid out right (which Is by no means cheap) will be for nothing.

Obviously, this has put a lot of stress on me this year. I must do well in these subjects to get into 4th year next year. I must get a 65 or more in one of them and aim at a 70 or more in the other.

Does that sound stressful to you? it does to me.

At this point in the year assignments are due, and most of them are essays or lab reports that are 2000 words long. As you can guess it makes me not want to write anymore then I should. Therefore, I have not blogged for a little bit.

However, I hate not blogging. Blogging gives me freedom. Freedom to write stress free and about what I want to write about. I have been keeping up with my YouTube channel which I will link (here) because I feel like filming is so different to writing and it makes me happy.

I have decided I will make myself keep to a schedule of writing blog posts once every second week while I have uni. I should hopefully be able to keep up with this schedule until uni is finished, which will be October…YAY. Once uni has finished it will go back to the usual once every week.

I hope you are all have a brilliant week and are not as stressed out as I am right now!

Here’s to getting good grades and achieving what you set out to do!