Packing for Thailand

Packing for Thailand

What to Pack When Travelling to Thailand!

Thailand is a difficult place to pack for if you have never been before. Asia in general is quite difficult to pack for if you have never been. What do you pack when you go to Thailand? I will provide you with some tips on how to successfully pack for Thailand, and make sure you do not bring anything you will not use.

For travellers, Asia is quite an easy place to pack for. This is because thankfully the weather is generally the same all year round, give or take. It will usually be either dry and hot, or rainy and hot. You can be guaranteed it will be hot and humid everyday! The weather is usually 28-30 degrees Celsius or above and is extremely humid. So be prepared to sweat…A lot!

When packing for Thailand you need to make sure you have clothes that are light weight, do not smell when they get wet, or clothes that will dry quickly. If you sweat a lot you may need to wash your clothes, so having clothes that dry quickly will make your life a whole lot easier. Having clothes that are light weight, do not smell when wet and dry quickly is a must for Thailand.

Now depending on how long you are there will depend on how much to need to take. A general rule is pack what you think you need and then half it. This rule allows you to not over pack. You will most likely wear your favourite clothes repeatedly, and you will find that a lot of the other stuff was a waste of space in your bag. So that extra pair of shorts or that extra top you have packed ‘just in case’ will generally never get used. Never pack ‘just in case’ clothes. Worse comes to worse you can buy more clothes in Thailand… It’s super cheap. Be sure to only pack what you know you will wear, not what you think you will wear.

Next up is to remember to pack more shirts than bottoms. Bottoms you can mix and match easily with any top. I went to Thailand for 10 days and I only took three pairs of shorts. Just weigh up how long you are going for and how many different outfits you need. A general rule of thumb it to just pack more tops because barely anyone will notice you wearing the same bottoms more than once.

You will also want to pack more than one pair of swimmers in case one pair is still wet and you are going out for the day where you may swim. This means you will not be getting into wet swimmers and be uncomfortable all day. I also recommend wearing a pair of long pants and taking a light jacket for on the plane as it can get very cold on there, especially on an overnight flight.

As I have said before it all depends on how long you are planning to travel through Thailand for. As a guide for you, this is what clothes I took for my trip to Thailand for 10 days (I also made a video about it on my YouTube channel):

  • Three shorts
  • seven tops
  • two swimmers
  • two dresses
  • three pairs of shoes
  • one pair of long pants
  • one light jacket
  • underwear and socks
  • three bras

I took a pair of closed shoes, a pair of thongs (flip flops) and a pair of nice shoes for going out.

To be honest though you really do not need to pack too much for Thailand. Clothes are very cheap there and if you have forgotten something you can easily buy something to replace it.

When packing always remember sunscreen (you can buy it there if you do forget), insect repellent, shampoo and conditioner, medications (cold and flus, pain relief, etc.), a hat, sunglasses, your charges for everything, an adapter, and any other little nick knacks you can think of packing.

You can buy most things in Thailand if you do forget it so do not stress too much!

I hope this has helped you know what to pack, let me know if you have any packing tips!

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University is Stressful!

University is so stressful! I have not been able to blog for a while, and this all comes down to uni being so stressful!

Uni started back 5 weeks ago, and I thought I would be able to balance uni and my blog at the same time. It turns out I really could not and I am sorry to anyone who keeps up with my blog.

This semester I have gone back to do psychology.  If you did not know, I have already finished my bachelor of psychology 2 years ago now. However, when I finished this course I did not receive high enough grades to get into 4th year (Honours) of psychology. I took a year off after I finished the bachelor course to figure out what I really wanted to do. This proved to be difficult as I have no clue what I really want to do.

At the start of this year I went back to school to start a course call bachelor of social work, with the thought of getting back into psychology. This course was going to be 4 years long and have two placement periods of 12 weeks with no pay. I finished the first trimester of this course and realised I really did not like it, and the fact that I was doing it just to get back into psychology did not make sense to me.

This is where this trimester/semester comes into it. I did some research and realised to get into a graduate diploma of psychology (4th year) at my uni all I needed was a score of 65 in one of my units, and a high average to be accepted. The unit that I needed 65 in I received a 60 in last time. after some thought I decided to go back to uni to re do this subject to get a score above 65. My aim is above 70 at least. I also decided to do another subject in which I got a score of 61. I decided I wanted to bump up my average so I have a better chance of getting accepted. So, my aim for this class is also above 70.

Now these classes I am re doing do not go under the hex debt that we Australians have. So, to complete these courses again I had to pay for them out right. This puts a lot more stress on my back. I MUST do well otherwise this money I have paid out right (which Is by no means cheap) will be for nothing.

Obviously, this has put a lot of stress on me this year. I must do well in these subjects to get into 4th year next year. I must get a 65 or more in one of them and aim at a 70 or more in the other.

Does that sound stressful to you? it does to me.

At this point in the year assignments are due, and most of them are essays or lab reports that are 2000 words long. As you can guess it makes me not want to write anymore then I should. Therefore, I have not blogged for a little bit.

However, I hate not blogging. Blogging gives me freedom. Freedom to write stress free and about what I want to write about. I have been keeping up with my YouTube channel which I will link (here) because I feel like filming is so different to writing and it makes me happy.

I have decided I will make myself keep to a schedule of writing blog posts once every second week while I have uni. I should hopefully be able to keep up with this schedule until uni is finished, which will be October…YAY. Once uni has finished it will go back to the usual once every week.

I hope you are all have a brilliant week and are not as stressed out as I am right now!

Here’s to getting good grades and achieving what you set out to do!




Hello and Welcome!

Hello to new and old readers!

So this my new blog! My old blog ended up being hacked and it was going to cost me too much to try to fix all the problems so I decided to just make a blog through and now I wish I had done it from the start.

I had an official webpage hosted by bluehost. It cost quite a lot to do and I’m really not sure whether many people even saw it! This was so much easier and cheaper to set up! The only thing was that I could edit what my blog looked like a lot more then what I can on here. I really wish my website hadn’t been hacked because I put so much effort (and money) into it, but what will be is what will be!

Now that I have a blog again I am going to be re posting my ones from my other website onto here so if you are an old reader you’ll be seeing the same ones coming up, but I will try to write some new ones at least every second week.

You can expect a blog post every Thursday and for the old readers a new blog post every second Thursday! This is only because I am back at University and I have a lot of work that needs to be done… A blog about it will come out Thursday this week.

I am posting this now just because I want to get back into blogging and finally launch this blog again.

thanks for reading, be sure to follow my blog and follow me on social media!