My Thoughts on Greys Anatomy

My Thoughts on Greys Anatomy

Now this weeks blog is really off topic! And I mean really off topic but I felt like I just had to express my feelings on this matter.

Now if you did not know I am a huge huge HUGE fan of greys anatomy… HUGE! I have been watching this show live since season 3 and it is now up to season 14. It has literally been in my life for over 10 years!

Now obviously the show has had off seasons where the story lines are just horrible. I feel like recently this ‘off season’ has been happening for the last 3 or 4 seasons! I have stuck around because I am so invested in these characters… they have been in my life for 10 years. They are almost like my best friends, as sad as that sounds!

Now I don’t know if you have heard but recently two actresses got ‘let go’ for ‘creative reasons’! Now you would think these actresses are small characters that have been in it for a season or two but no you are wrong! These two characters have both been in the show for over 9 years! The actresses did not want to leave, they loved their work and were always very interactive with their fans! For me if they wanted to leave themselves I would have been fine with this whole thing! I would have understood because they wanted to move on! But no they were let go for ‘creative reasons’!

Using creative reasons as an excuse actually makes me very angry! Yes I get it the show has been on for so long you need to freshen up and get some new story lines but fans don’t want to invest in new interns! We love the show because we love the characters and keep watching because we are invested in their lives! As I said using creative reasons is not an excuse and if anything it actually confirms what I had been thinking about the last couple of seasons… that they just cannot write good story lines anymore!

Take for instance the start of this season, season 14! It started off with Owens sister coming back she had surgery and was literally out of there after 3 or 4 episodes? Why did they not drag out the story longer? Then there was also the Nathan, Meredith and Owens sister triangle that literally was in it for an episode and bam! Resolved! It’s almost like they have an idea chuck it in the show for 1 or 2 episodes and then resolve it? What about the whole episode surrounded by Bailey who had a heart attack… and was literally fine by the end of the episode? Let’s even bring up jos husband who came into 1 episode… and then was literally killed off in the next? Like where is the creativity in that? That whole story could have been over 4 episodes at least! I also almost forgot Amelia’s brain tumour which again was resolved so quickly!

I feel like the last couple of seasons have just been all over the place in terms of good stories! The stories are out there, all it takes is some creativity which obviously the greys writers do not have at the moment! This is evident when they fire two of the most beloved characters for ‘creative reasons’! They use the excuse that the show has been running for so long blah blah blah, and that these characters have run their course blah blah blah! People don’t want to watch a show just about Meredith who is apparently wonderwoman and everything goes her way… all the time! It’s boring and to be honest Meredith has never been my favourite! People are invested in the show for all the main characters not just one!

Now I still have not mentioned who the two actresses are that are leaving. I mean if you are a greys fan you should already know but the two actresses are Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew who play Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, two characters that have been in the show for over 9 years! These two and Alex are my favourite characters so it makes sense the news really hit me hard! I am not ready to say good bye to them and for such a rediculous reason! Like I said if they wanted to leave themselves I would have been happy for them but the way the writers have handled this is appalling! There is still so much to tell about these characters! So many stories we have not learnt about them and it makes me said that the creators of this show think that they are dispensable!

Anyway I am really happy to get all that off my chest it has been making me so angry for the last 2 weeks! I am such a huge fan of greys but this has hit me hard and I don’t know if I can come back from this! I will be watching the season until the end to see where my favourite characters end up, but after that… I cannot invest in these new intern story lines with actors who are just not up to scratch! It makes me think they just want to bring in new characters and interns because they don’t have to pay them much at all! But anyway that’s for a whole other discussion! Come the end of this season I will be no longer watching greys anatomy and I hope… I hope the show just ends because how many more characters are on the chopping block? Obviously the writers think only Meredith is worth keeping because ‘it’s called greys anatomy’ blah blah blah! People have invested in the other characters and you can’t just cut them away and expect their fans to stick around I am sorry!

Anyway now I will wrap this up for good! Sorry the blog was completely off topic I just really wanted to get it off my chest!

Make sure you follow me on all my social media! I may make a video on YouTube about this because I am really upset about this decision!

Let me know your thoughts on the matter! Are you happy, sad, angry that they are leaving?



I am doing Vlogmas!

       It is nearly December and you know what that means… It means it’s time for Vlogmas!

        If you have no idea what vlogmas is, it is where a person will vlog (video blog) every single day until Christmas. These videos can be Christmas themed or just a vlog about what you are up to for that day. This December is going to be crazy for me. Not only is my birthday in December, but I am also doing a lot of cool things during December.

       I will be working a lot as I work in retail but I am not going to let this stop me from vlogging every single day until Christmas. I am also excited to announce that I will be leaving my current job at the end of December, in which I am ecstatic about! I have not enjoyed working there for the last year and as I am going into psychology honours nextyear I have decided to leave and then travel through January and February.  

        So, if you are not subscribed already be sure to check out my channel… you can click here to check it out. As I have said I will be doing Vlogmas so as of tomorrow expect a video every day. You will be able to learn a bit more about me and my life.

        Thanks so much for reading! Today’s blog is just simple informative one just to get you guys excited for Vlogmas!!!… and Christmas I guess!

        Hope you all have a lovely day and I shall see you next Thursday with a new blog post!

Wilson Overboard.

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University is Stressful!

University is so stressful! I have not been able to blog for a while, and this all comes down to uni being so stressful!

Uni started back 5 weeks ago, and I thought I would be able to balance uni and my blog at the same time. It turns out I really could not and I am sorry to anyone who keeps up with my blog.

This semester I have gone back to do psychology.  If you did not know, I have already finished my bachelor of psychology 2 years ago now. However, when I finished this course I did not receive high enough grades to get into 4th year (Honours) of psychology. I took a year off after I finished the bachelor course to figure out what I really wanted to do. This proved to be difficult as I have no clue what I really want to do.

At the start of this year I went back to school to start a course call bachelor of social work, with the thought of getting back into psychology. This course was going to be 4 years long and have two placement periods of 12 weeks with no pay. I finished the first trimester of this course and realised I really did not like it, and the fact that I was doing it just to get back into psychology did not make sense to me.

This is where this trimester/semester comes into it. I did some research and realised to get into a graduate diploma of psychology (4th year) at my uni all I needed was a score of 65 in one of my units, and a high average to be accepted. The unit that I needed 65 in I received a 60 in last time. after some thought I decided to go back to uni to re do this subject to get a score above 65. My aim is above 70 at least. I also decided to do another subject in which I got a score of 61. I decided I wanted to bump up my average so I have a better chance of getting accepted. So, my aim for this class is also above 70.

Now these classes I am re doing do not go under the hex debt that we Australians have. So, to complete these courses again I had to pay for them out right. This puts a lot more stress on my back. I MUST do well otherwise this money I have paid out right (which Is by no means cheap) will be for nothing.

Obviously, this has put a lot of stress on me this year. I must do well in these subjects to get into 4th year next year. I must get a 65 or more in one of them and aim at a 70 or more in the other.

Does that sound stressful to you? it does to me.

At this point in the year assignments are due, and most of them are essays or lab reports that are 2000 words long. As you can guess it makes me not want to write anymore then I should. Therefore, I have not blogged for a little bit.

However, I hate not blogging. Blogging gives me freedom. Freedom to write stress free and about what I want to write about. I have been keeping up with my YouTube channel which I will link (here) because I feel like filming is so different to writing and it makes me happy.

I have decided I will make myself keep to a schedule of writing blog posts once every second week while I have uni. I should hopefully be able to keep up with this schedule until uni is finished, which will be October…YAY. Once uni has finished it will go back to the usual once every week.

I hope you are all have a brilliant week and are not as stressed out as I am right now!

Here’s to getting good grades and achieving what you set out to do!




Hello and Welcome!

Hello to new and old readers!

So this my new blog! My old blog ended up being hacked and it was going to cost me too much to try to fix all the problems so I decided to just make a blog through and now I wish I had done it from the start.

I had an official webpage hosted by bluehost. It cost quite a lot to do and I’m really not sure whether many people even saw it! This was so much easier and cheaper to set up! The only thing was that I could edit what my blog looked like a lot more then what I can on here. I really wish my website hadn’t been hacked because I put so much effort (and money) into it, but what will be is what will be!

Now that I have a blog again I am going to be re posting my ones from my other website onto here so if you are an old reader you’ll be seeing the same ones coming up, but I will try to write some new ones at least every second week.

You can expect a blog post every Thursday and for the old readers a new blog post every second Thursday! This is only because I am back at University and I have a lot of work that needs to be done… A blog about it will come out Thursday this week.

I am posting this now just because I want to get back into blogging and finally launch this blog again.

thanks for reading, be sure to follow my blog and follow me on social media!