How to get to Erawan Falls from Bangkok

How to get to Erawan Falls from Bangkok

I decided to make this blog post to help anyone out there trying to get to Erawan Falls from Bangkok. Before I went I had to read so many different blog posts and do so much research on how to get there and where to go… it can be a bit confusing and scary especially if you are by yourself like I was!

But let’s just get straight into it; Here is how to get to Erawan Falls from Bangkok:

First off you need to make your way to kanchanaburi. To get there you can either take a taxi/minivan, a train or a bus. The bus is the cheapest option and is the one that I chose, so this blog will tell you how to get to kanchanaburi by bus!

Now I did a lot of research and the best place to catch a local bus to kanchanaburi was from Bangkok’s southern bus terminal (sai tai mai), they leave quite frequently which is very handy!

To get to the bus station you need to get a taxi or a bus. I caught a taxi which was a lot easier. Once you get there you need to go to the top floor… which thank god I knew from my research otherwise I would have gotten so lost! They have no signs in English telling you where to go so just remember to head up! It then gets even more confusing from there because again nothing is signed so you need to ask the people working there where to go, which again can be difficult because most of them dont really understand English!

After asking where to go I got pointed in one direction by one Thai person and then another direction by another, in the end I just walked around until I found somewhere where you could get out of the building… that was my logic! After walking around not knowing where I was going I saw a security guard and behind him was a ramp down… I figured this had to be where I needed to go, so I asked him and he nodded! Success!

It can be so scary when you have no clue where you are going, but I guess my advice would be to just not be scared to ask where to go!

So the bus number you need to catch is 81 and if the ticket station for kanchanaburi isn’t open like it wasn’t when I went you need to head to platform 10 where you buy your ticket from the people sitting at a table before you get on the bus!

When I went, I got on the bus thinking I would just buy the ticket on there. Luckily I saw this couple in front of me looking at their tickets and asked them where they had gotten them from and they told me outside… if I had been caught without a ticket who knows what would have happened! So yes remember to buy it before getting on!

The bus costs 110 baht for 1st class, takes about 2-2:30 hrs to get there and you get free water included!

Once you make it to kanchanaburi you are dropped off at the bus station where you then need to get on a local non air conditioned bus to get to erawan falls! The bus is signed with erawan written all over it!

I will warn you when you get off the bus from Bangkok you will be harassed by taxi drivers trying to take you there themselves, the local bus costs only 50 baht and takes an hour and a half. I recommend just taking the local bus.

Once you find that erawan bus.. which again isn’t signed so just ask where you need to go, you are done, just stay on that bus until you get to erawan!

Oh you also have to pay an entrance fee of 300 baht into erawan!

I recommend you stay the night in the park, you can get a bungalow… which is what I got, or a tent which is apperently quite cheap, I just didn’t want to do camping by myself! But if you stay the night it’ll save you having to come back a forth and also you can go walking after hours! Which is the best way to experience the falls! I highly recommend it!

So there you have it! I hope this is helpful for you and that I’ve described things in enough detail for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

I also uploaded my vlog of Erawan Falls on my youtube channel! Be sure to check it out!

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