Recently I went on a trip to Thailand and had my first trip to Bangkok!

Now for those who have not been to Bangkok before… let me just put it this way, it is CRAZY! It is an absolutely chaotic city!

Khaosan Road

I personally did not like Bangkok at all! And here are my reasons…

First of all the taxi drivers do not understand you at all when you say where you want to go. Now I get that the city is huge.. because well it is huge (pictured below from the skybar), and I get that it would be hard to know every place in the city, but the taxi drivers are also very rude! The whole time I was there I had one decent taxi driver and that was the one from the airport! He still did not understand what I was saying but he did take initiative and asked for the places number so he could call them and know how to get there. That was a good taxi driver in my eyes! The rest of them it was scary if you got it in, not knowing if they would actually take you to the right place! I even had my Thai friend tell the taxi driver where I wanted to go and he still did not understand, I had also asked for the meter to be on and again he did not understand so I just got out.. I was not dealing with that at all!

View of Bangkok from skybar

Second of all was the smell! Bangkok has a constant rotten egg smell around the streets! It is a hot and sweaty place, which I am guessing is where some of the smell comes from. But I really do not recall ever being out in the streets and not smelling that weird disgusting smell!

Third, was just how crazy it was! There were people everywhere, which again I get it’s a huge city so of course there will be people everywhere, but sometimes it was just too much!

So I really did not like Bangkok, however it is a place you should go to atleast once in your life, just to experience the chaos! But I would definitely say you should only be there a day or two! I was there for about 6 days and it was way too long… way too long! Some people actually really enjoy it there, but it depends on what type of atmosphere you like! I am definitely not made for the hustle and bustle of a huge city!

The one thing I did really like about Bangkok was the little cafe/dessert place after you! You have to make your way to this place and try the ice cream! The cheesecake one is to die for (pictured below)! It is also where the original butter toast was created, in which you will see many imitations in other places in bangkok! Now do not forget “after you” because that is really the only reason I would go back to Bangkok!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into what I thought of Bangkok, let me know in the comments if you liked it? What you thought of it? And how long you stayed?

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