Travels and Tours

Travels and Tours

Tour group travels are a lot of fun. If you are considering travelling alone and it is your first time overseas I definitely recommend going on a tour group such as contiki or topdeck.

Tour groups provide you with the best opportunities to make new friends from all around the world. For a first trip overseas I highly recommend going on a tour as travelling by yourself for the first time can get very overwhelming. If you are going to a country that doesn’t speak your language it can become very daunting and scary trying to figure out where you are going or even where you want to go.


Tour groups do all the hard stuff for you, they set up where you will be staying, where you will be going, some of the meals you will be having and they usually provide you with a tour of the city you are in. They allow you to see so much of the world without the stress of figuring out how to get there.


I personally went on a trip with topdeck around Europe. I went on the 24 day tour that goes all around Europe; including Paris, Rome, Budapest, Krakow, Berlin and Amsterdam. It was an insane tour! The whole trip went by so fast and it feels like just yesterday I was there in Europe. The tour was absolutely amazing! Our group all got along so well and we all enjoyed each others company. We were a very close group and all loved going out at night together.

Through the day we would split off into our own groups but by the night time we would go out and party like crazy. I swear almost every night we went out and partied hard! The average bed time for me changed from being around 11pm to being 4 am. It was seriously the most fun I have ever had.

It was such a social experience that I absolutely loved! I am the type of person who struggles in social situations. So for me to be stuck on a bus with about 30 other people for 24 days was a huge step! It got me to get out of my shell and made me actually go and meet new people. So if you are a little shy, have social anxiety or just feel like you can’t talk to people a group tour is for you! It will help you grow your confidence, self-esteem and meet some amazing new friends which you will have for a lifetime.



Now all this socialisation and going out every night does get exhausting! Especially for someone like me who is an introvert! We were out almost every night as I mentioned earlier and we had to get up super early almost every morning. I think there were two mornings during the whole trip that we actually got to sleep in. Now, every other morning we had to get up at anywhere between 5:30 to 7 am. It usually worked out well though because all of us would sleep on the bus trips, which would last about 8 to 10hrs, so we usually caught up on our sleep during the day.

Although the trip was exhausting it was totally worth it! I seriously loved every moment I spent on that trip. It got me out of my shell and I was able to grow significantly as a person. My advice for going on a topdeck tour is to just enjoy the time you’re there! Just accept that you will be tired, exhausted and your life style will change while you are away. But it will change for the better! You will come back a better person with a lot more understanding about yourself.


I would definitely recommend travelling with a tour group, especially if it is your first time travelling! It allows you the get a feel for travelling without being completely alone. You get to meet some amazing people who will become your new best friends! You will have so many amazing stories from your travels with your new friends.


For now I will leave you with that! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Don’t forget to Follow all of my social media accounts!

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