Hello and Welcome!

Hello to new and old readers!

So this my new blog! My old blog ended up being hacked and it was going to cost me too much to try to fix all the problems so I decided to just make a blog through wordpress.com. and now I wish I had done it from the start.

I had an official webpage hosted by bluehost. It cost quite a lot to do and I’m really not sure whether many people even saw it! This was so much easier and cheaper to set up! The only thing was that I could edit what my blog looked like a lot more then what I can on here. I really wish my website hadn’t been hacked because I put so much effort (and money) into it, but what will be is what will be!

Now that I have a blog again I am going to be re posting my ones from my other website onto here so if you are an old reader you’ll be seeing the same ones coming up, but I will try to write some new ones at least every second week.

You can expect a blog post every Thursday and for the old readers a new blog post every second Thursday! This is only because I am back at University and I have a lot of work that needs to be done… A blog about it will come out Thursday this week.

I am posting this now just because I want to get back into blogging and finally launch this blog again.

thanks for reading, be sure to follow my blog and follow me on social media!


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